Ivi Mo

Visual artist, illustrator and children's book author from Norway.
I have been fascinated by graffiti, cartoons and psychedelic art since i was young.
After i finished primary school I did 1 year of Graphic Design, and 3 years of Visual
Communication at an art school in Stavanger/Norway.
In 2011 i wrote and illustrated a children's book that got published by
"Engelstad Forlag" in Norway. ("Tre historier om pappa")

I started doing visual art in 2012 and this has been my main focus since then.
I perceive my artwork as my religion. My purpose is to reproduce a psychedelic state for the viewer. All my artwork is based on spirituality with mystical themes inspired from the inner eye.

I combine analogue and digital inking in my work and try to find a fine balance between the two. The final result is digital and printed on a large scale canvas.

[email protected]


22.09.2017 - Exhibition at Alternativmessen Stavanger 2017
                       Folketshus Stavanger

05.08.2017 - Exhibition at Munkehagen Festivalen 2017

01.07.2017 - NFUK Exhibition at Krutthuset in Stavern / Larvik. 1-16. Juli

11.05.2017 - Member of Norwegian Society of Independent Artists (NFUK)

15.05.2017 - Exhibition Gallery UnderTaci in Aarhus, Denmark

28.04.2017 - Album Cover Art for Gabriel Le Mar

25.02.2017 - Art installation “Church of Analogue” at Rotondes Luxembourg.
“The Last Supper" on projected wall.

10.02.2017 - Review in French and German Tracks Arte TV

29.12.2016 - Featured artist at Heady Gear (Artwork on pins and dresses)

19.12.2016 - Album Cover Art for Vigdel Music

16.10.2016 - Featured artist at Acidmath. (Artwork on t-shirts and posters)

06.08.2016 - Exhibition at Munkehagen Festival in Stavanger / Norway

25.07.2016 - Exhibition at the Big Dub Festival with Alpha Creations

29.06.2016 - Album Cover Art for Magik Plan

16.06.2016 - Sonic Bloom Festival
Exhibition at the Sonic Bloom Festival 16-19.2016

10.06.2016 - Exhibition and featured artist at the Solar Flux Festival

02.05.2016 - Review at "The Creators Project" magazine.

22.04.2016 - Exhibition at the Flux Festivals in beautiful Cadron Creek/Arkansas

22.10.2015 - Featured Artist in York's Art & Culture Magazine "Unknown Magazine"
Artwork "The Last Supper" issue#5 "Solitude"

15.09.2015 - Featured Artist at Psychedelica Book

14.04.2015 - Featured artist at Nimbin Craft Gallery in Australia.
Sale of artwork on wooden plates.

13.09.2015 - "The European Art Exhibition in Denmark" Gallery GAL
Artwork "The Last Supper"

01.04.2011 - Author and illustrator for children's book "Tre historier om pappa"
Pupblished on Engelstad Forlag in Oslo/Norway.